Shopping And Finding The Best Fragrances And Perfumes
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Shopping And Finding The Best Fragrances And Perfumes

Posted by Zuly Hey on 2/13/2019 to Perfume & Fragrances
Shopping And Finding The Best Fragrances And Perfumes

Identifying fragrances that are most appealing to you can be tricky with so many colognes and perfumes available in the market. If you like smelling good, you will need to do your homework in knowing the choices you have before making a purchase. It will help you avoid situations where you spend your money on a fragrance you don’t like at all. When you know your options, you will have an easy time shopping online without the advantage of smelling the scents.

The Families

1. Amber – This fragrance is also referred to as oriental and is a warm incense-like scent from ambergris. The natural ingredient was used as a scent stabilizer historically and is got from the sperm whales digestive tract. Synthetic ambergris is now used and has a spicy warmth making it ideal for those who love mysterious exotic perfumes. The perfumes are combined with wood scents and vanilla and feature labdanum.

2. Floral – This is a very popular fragrance. It has plenty of options ranging from bright to soft floral scents with plenty of variations between them. Spices can be used to warm them up and feature lily, tuberose, jasmine and rose scents among others. This category is quite feminine and can be very romantic; hence is used mostly for women perfumes.

3. Leather – The scents are got from cloves, cedar, tobacco and honey layered with some citrus notes. They are most suitable for those who love traditional leather feels of a leather armchair, jacket or tack shop. They however have deep, warm scents of suede and leather. They are more masculine, but some feminine perfumes have this scent too.

4. Woody – The fragrances mimic forest sensory experiences ranging from warm, fresh, mossy, light, dry and dark as well as spicy. They combine greatly with vanilla and amber fragrances. They feature woods such as cedar, sandalwood and agar wood accompanied with ginger, bergamot, lavender, patchouli and lime among others. The earthy scents are used in both women and male perfumes and suit people who love the feel and smell of the outdoors.

5. Aquatic – They are also referred to as oceanic fragrances and have a clean fresh scent to them. They are made with layers of citrus and light floral scents, but will usually also include colon, which is an ingredient that duplicates the floral ocean breeze scent. Energetic, youthful and sporty individuals will find these aquatic fragrances quite appealing. They are suitable for both men and women.

Apart from knowing the fragrance families to help you make your choice, it is important to know how strong your perfect perfume should be. Aromatic compound concentrations will determine this. The more concentrated the aromatic ingredients, the stronger, long lasting and expensive the fragrance is likely to be. The percentage of the ingredients will help you make the right choice matching your preferences. Also important to consider is how much perfume your bottle holds. The more the ounces the more the sprays you will enjoy.


To find and buy the best perfume for you, look for a fragrance shop you can trust. This way, you can get the necessary help even when you know nothing about the fragrances.